Coronavirus has shown us how fragile our system is, but also how quickly we can adapt to a catastrophe.

We're isolated at home, scared, and bored — but we don't need to feel helpless. Take this opportunity to join a rapidly growing movement to prevent another crisis.

Use this checklist of actions to help end the fossil fuel industry, and stop the climate crisis — without leaving quarantine.

Act Now:

Covid-19 has brought our fragile world to a standstill. It's a frightening reminder of how ill-prepared we are to face global catastrophes.

It may also be a small preview of what's to come.

The climate crisis is unfolding before our eyes. Floods and forest fires are displacing millions of people. Soil erosion and the extinction of insects are destroying our crops. Droughts are drying up our remaining fresh water supplies.

We have seen what a virus can do. But we are also seeings that our system can change and adapt — when forced.

The fossil fuel industry is fuelling the climate crisis. They have traded the future of our planet for short term profits. They will not stop unless we force them.

Right now, while we're isolated in our homes, we're scared, but we don't have to feel helpless. The fossil fuel industry is weak. Fuel is being burned at an all time low. So, our actions against them have a multiplying effect — one that could radically change the energy industry. But we have to do it together.

Never in the digital age have so many people been stuck inside their homes with nothing to do. Now is the time to act.

Join a Local Pressure Group

You've seen the road blocks, the strikes, the sit-ins. The environmental movement is picking up pace. These protests have led to real policy change, and they're only just getting started. You can take part in many ways — you don't need to break the law, or quit your job to join in.

There are lots of organizations you can join — all with different perspectives and tactics. Some focus on political change. Some on fossil fuel divestment. All reaching for the same goal.

Doing the things on this list is great, especially if you can get others to join in. But it's much easier to create change on a local level.

Think global. Act local.

How to do this from quarantine:

Of course, local groups aren't meeting right now. So going to an event is not an option. But what you can do is find a group online, join their group chat, mailing list, or social media channels. Then say hello, and get a feel for what the community is like.

It's easier when a friend joins too. Encourage them to do the same with this link…

Register to Vote

If you live in a democracy, please register to vote! Once you do, make it clear you will vote for whoever has the best stance on the climate crisis.

Oil companies spend vast amounts of money to sway elections, including voter suppression tactics.

Do you live in a country with an antiquated voting system? One where the person with the least votes often wins? Do you only have the choice between two deeply unlikable people? You should still vote. The fossil fuel industry is banking on your understandable lack of enthusiasm.

How to do this from quarantine:

Many countries allow you to register online. Even if you're not a citizen, you may be allowed to vote in state or local elections. It's worth checking if you're eligible.

Find out how to registered to vote

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Already registered? Encourage your friends to do the same with the link below…

Change to an Ethical Bank

Most banks invest your money in fossil fuels. This means they have a vested interest in our failure to combat the climate crisis. If the world stops burning oil, the banks lose money.

Leaving your bank is difficult. So, taking the time to do it sends a strong message. It also gives your bank a financial incentive to divest from fossil fuels.

How to do this from quarantine:

Closing your account can require entering a bank in person, but the first step can be done online. You can open an account with an ethical bank and start moving your money.

Make sure you tell your bank why you're leaving.

Search your country below to find an ethical bank

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We're building a list of ethical banks to make this process easier. If you know one you'd like to recommend, let us know.

If you bank in Australia, use marketforces.org.au to find an ethical bank.

Changed your bank? Encourage your friends to do the same with the link below…

Change your Energy Provider

Change your energy provider to one that's fossil fuel free. This directly impacts the fossil fuel industry. It's the simplest way you can cut their profits and hurt confidence in fossil fuels as an investment.

A large chunk of the fossil fuel industry's profits come from powering our homes. Many people are locked into contracts and can't afford to change. If you can make the change, please do.

How to do this from quarantine:

You can do this easily online — if the option is available.

USA: your current energy provider may allow you to opt into green energy.

UK: there's ecotricity and bulb.

Help us build a list of ethical energy companies: Submit an energy company.

Have you done this?

Encourage your friends to do the same with the link below…

Divest your Pension Fund

Most of us do not invest in the stock market at all. But many of us do have pension funds that invest in the fossil fuel industry.

If you do have any personal investments in the fossil fuel industry — or in an Index Fund (most index funds invest in fossil fuels) — please divest.

If you have a pension, there's a good possibility it's invested in fossil fuels too. You won't have direct control over your pension. But you can ask, and place pressure on your pension fund manager to divest. There's even a solid financial argument for it.

How to do this from quarantine:

Divesting your pension isn't going to happen overnight. But you can start now. The Guardian have a simple step by step guide you can follow here: How to get your pension fund to divest from fossil fuels – The Guardian — They're based in the UK, but the guide can be applied anywhere.

if you invest in an index fund, and you're unsure if it's fossil free, you can find out here: Fossil Free Funds

Have you done this? Encourage your friends to do the same with the link below…

Share this Movement.

Share it, share it again, and do more still.

Use the hashtag #GreenQuarantine, but don't just use it, knit it, film it, sing it, shout it from your balcony.

Are you a coder? Code something.

Are you a writer? Write something.

Are you a designer? Design something.

Share it with your family, your friends, your co-workers. Your entire community is desperate for something to do. They are listening now.

Listen, be kind, be persuasive, listen some more, let people know how much this means to you. Let them know what's at stake.

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